v2.1.0 release notes

New features

  • New snippet and block: Film Strip.

  • New system-wide feature: Related Pages.

  • New template rendering option for page models, the “miniview”. Instead of a full page template, this is used to render a small preview of the page in other places on the site, usually in a Bootstrap card format. The miniview template is used by:

Upgrade considerations

The built-in template options under Page Preview and Latest Pages block Advanced Settings are deprecated as of 2.1 and will be removed in 3.0. These have been replaced with identical miniview templates for Article and Form pages. If you have overridden these templates it is recommended to set your custom instead on the page model’s miniview_template field.

The new related pages feature is on by default for any newly created pages based on CoderedArticlePage.

  • If you do not want this feature, disable it by setting related_show_default=False on your Article model.

  • If you want this feature retroactively on existing pages, write a simple query or migration to turn it on for those pages:

    # To enable related pages on just Article pages:
    from website.models import ArticlePage
    # To enable related pages on all pages of the site:
    from coderedcms.models import CoderedPage

As always, be sure to make and apply migrations after upgrading:

python manage.py makemigrations
python manage.py migrate

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to 2.1.0 on GitHub.