Import PagesΒΆ

CRX includes the ability to import pages from CSV files. This is useful for example in a store locator, where a list of stores needs to be uploaded periodically.

To start an import, go to Settings > Import

In the CSV each row will be a new page and each column header will correspond to an attribute of that page. On the import CSV page, you will select where you want the pages to live and what page type they should be created as. A use case for this functionality would be if your site needs to add several hundred locations as pages. These locations come from a CSV dump from some report generating software. Your CSV could look something like this:

title   ,   address    ,   latitude ,   longitude
Store 1 ,   123 Street ,   20.909   ,   -15.32
Store 2 ,   456 Avenue ,   34.223   ,   87.2331

title, address, latitude, longitude are all fields on your Page model that you will be importing as.


Your CSV file must be encoded as ASCII or UTF-8. UTF-8-BOM will cause an error.

Changed in version 0.24: In version 0.24, the ability to import/export pages from JSON was removed. The Import/Export link in the side menu was also moved to Settings > Import.