v0.20.0 release notes

Bug fixes

  • Fix rich text toolbar in Wagtail admin when scrolling long blocks of text.

  • Always create valid element IDs in templates when random generation is required (i.e. modal blocks).

  • Fix rendering of modal button to be valid HTML.

New features

  • Upgraded to Wagtail 2.11

  • Upgraded to Bootstrap 4.6.0

Upgrade considerations

  • You may need to alter your initial website migration if you run into any issues after updating. See Wagtail 2.11 release notes.

  • If you have forms and form submissions in your database, you may need to add the unidecode library to your project’s requirements.txt. Wagtail 2.11 replaces unidecode with anyascii for Unicode to Ascii conversion. Your older form data will still need the unidecode library to be read by Wagtail. Read more in the Wagtail 2.11 notes for other features.

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to 0.20.0 on GitHub.