v0.15.0 release notes

New features

Bug fixes



  • Upgraded jQuery to version 3.4.

  • Upgraded pickadate.js (fallback to native HTML5 date/time inputs) to version 3.6.

  • Internally switched to Sass for more modular development and debugging.

  • Now provides minified version of codered-front.css (codered-front.min.css).

  • Added licensing information to JavaScript files, and now supports LibreJS.

  • Added unit tests for improved quality control. See Contributing. See Contributing.

  • Added continuous integration pipelines for improved quality control.

  • Minor code cleanups.

Upgrade considerations

  • You will need to run python manage.py makemigrations website and python manage.py migrate after upgrading.

  • Static css/js files have been moved. If you are referencing them manually in your templates, please update accordingly:

    • css/codered-front.css -> coderedcms/css/codered-front[.min].css

    • js/codered-front.js -> coderedcms/js/codered-front.js

Thank You

Special thank you to our new contributors and to everyone who joined us at PyCon US 2019 sprints.