v0.23.0 release notes

New features

  • Upgraded to Wagtail 2.16

  • Calendar/Events:

    • Add link to the page in the body of ical downloads for that event.

    • Add 15 minute reminder to ical downloads.

  • The project has formally changed names from “CodeRed CMS” to “Wagtail CRX”. This is short for Wagtail + CodeRed Extensions. To accurately reflect our alignment with Wagtail there are a number of visual changes:

    • New docs theme, based on the Wagtail theme.

    • Removed “powered by CodeRed” logo at bottom of Wagtail admin.

    • Style of the Wagtail admin more closely matches stock Wagtail.

Bug fixes

  • Fix the CODERED_BANNER setting not showing up in the Wagtail admin.

  • Image blocks are no longer scaled larger than the original image size. Previously, they were forced to 100% of the container size, which made small icons etc. look too large.


  • Upgrade dependency django-bootstrap4 to version 22.1

  • Remove traces of old AMP code.

  • Removed some of our CSS customizations in the Wagtail admin, in preparation for UI changes coming in Wagtail 3.

Upgrade considerations

  • Wagtail is now using a new search backend.

  • Other upgrade considerations for Wagtail 2.15.

  • Other upgrade considerations for Wagtail 2.16.

  • Font Awesome (wagtailfontawesome) has been removed as a dependency. You should remove this from your INSTALLED_APPS and/or requirements.txt file (unless you are using it elsewhere in your code).

  • Social Media Settings were removed. These were unused in the system. If you happen to be using them in your project code, you should create a copy of the SocialMediaSettings model in your local project code, and migrate data to it, before upgrading. This change shows what was removed.

  • You may need to generate migrations in your app, and apply migrations with:

    python manage.py makemigrations website
    python manage.py migrate

Supported software

  • Python 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, 3.10

  • Django 3.2

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to 0.23.0 on GitHub.