v0.13.0 release notes

New features

  • New CMS installations will now cache 301/302 redirects and 404 pages. Existing CMS installations should switch to new wagtail-cache middleware to gain this behavior (see upgrade considerations).

  • Settings > General > From Email Address now allows specifying sender name in “Sender Name <sender@example.com>” format.

  • Settings > Tracking > Track button clicks now tracks ALL anchor clicks, not just Button Blocks.

Bug fixes

  • Minor bug fixes to form page template.

  • Minor bug fixes to search page template.

  • Fixed bug that prevented previewing Event page types.

  • Fixed Structured Data error on Event page types.

  • Body previews now properly render HTML entities (apostrophes, non-breaking spaces, etc.).

  • Images in Rich Text Blocks are now properly positioned left/right/full-width on the front-end.

  • Fixed AMP rendering issues with images in Rich Text Blocks.


  • Updated Bootstrap to version 4.3.1, and other JavaScript library updates.

Upgrade considerations

  • Robots.txt settings were REMOVED from Settings > General. If you had custom custom robots.txt specified here, move your robots.txt content to website/templates/robots.txt file before upgrading.

  • Existing installations must add the new wagtail-cache middleware to MIDDLEWARE in the Django settings file as described in wagtail-cache documentation after upgrading.

  • You will need to run python manage.py makemigrations website and python manage.py migrate after upgrading.