v0.12.0 release notes

New features

  • New block {% block no_results %} in location_index_page.html template for adding custom HTML when there are no search results in the Store Finder.

  • New default home page template at coderedcms/pages/home_page.html for developer convenience. This template provides a “blank slate” to be extended and customized as needed.

Bug fixes

  • Fix caching issues with form pages and password-protected pages.

  • Allow default ordering of child pages in Layout > Order child pages by setting. This new setting respects Wagtail’s manual child page ordering feature.

  • Only show live pages in navbar

  • Respect ordering of Layout > Order child pages by setting for navbar links.

  • Form page template now shows title by default.


  • Documentation improvements for store locator and importer.

Upgrade considerations

  • location_index_page.html has changed. If you are extending it, please update your local file as appropriate.

  • You should clear the cache in Settings > Cache after upgrading to 0.12.

  • You will need to run python manage.py migrate after upgrading to 0.12.