Customize the design of your website

Below are a few settings that can be used to change branding, design, and layout of your website.

Site name

This is shown by default in the navbar, and also added to the title attribute of each page. This can be changed in Settings > Sites > localhost. Hostname and port only need to be changed when running in production.

Changing your site name

Site settings

Under Settings > Sites in the Wagtail Admin, you will want to make sure this setting is up to date with the proper Hostname and Port. Failure to do so can cause the Preview button on pages to return a 500 error.

Logo & icon

The logo that appears in the navbar, the wagtail admin, and your favicon can be set in Settings > CRX Settings. Here you can also change navbar settings (based on Bootstrap CSS framework).

Adding your logo


Similar to Navbars, footers are also managed as snippets and also render top down based on the order they were created in.

Customizing the Footer

Custom CSS

A Django app called website has been created to hold your custom changes. In website/static/ there are custom.css and custom.js files that get loaded on every page by default. Adding anything to these files will automatically populate on the site and override any default styles. By default, Bootstrap 5 is already included on the site.


You can also use Bootstrap color and utility classes in the Custom CSS fields on your pages in CMS. Sometimes you may need more customization than Bootstrap classes can provide, in which case you can create your own custom classes in your CSS files and use them in your templates and in the CMS.

Custom HTML templates

To learn how to create custom HTML templates, see the advanced tutorial: Customizing HTML/CSS in Templates.