v0.19.0 release notes

Bug fixes

  • Support custom image models by correctly using WAGTAILIMAGES_IMAGE_MODEL versus hard-coding wagtailimages.Image.

  • Fix custom CSS class and Google Maps API key in Google Map block.

  • coderedcms start now pins the version of CodeRed CMS in the generated requirements.txt file.

New features

  • Upgraded to Wagtail 2.9

  • Upgraded to Bootstrap 4.5 and jQuery 3.5.1

  • Button and Link blocks can now link to fragments. See new block documentation.

  • coderedcms start no longer creates a boilerplate Dockerfile. This has been replaced with a more thorough guide: Run Wagtail CRX with Docker.

  • The boilerplate .scss files created when starting a new SASS project have been simplified. See upgrade considerations below if you’d like to simplify your .scss files created from an older version of CodeRed CMS.

  • As of 0.19, we will no longer maintain separate versions of docs for each release. The single stable docs will contain notes for each feature if that feature is changed, added, or removed in a particular release.


See the following new guides!

Upgrade considerations

  • For Wagtail 2.9 SiteMiddleware and request.site are deprecated. Custom code in your project should be updated as so:

    • In python, replace request.site with Site.find_for_request(request).

    • In Python, to load a site setting, replace Setting.for_site(request.site) with Setting.for_request(request).

    • In HTML templates, replace request.site with:

      {% load wagtailcore_tags %}
      {% wagtail_site as site %}
      <p>Your site name is: {{site.site_name}}</p>
    • Following these changes, you should then remove wagtail.core.middleware.SiteMiddleware from the Django MIDDLEWARE (in settings/base.py)

  • If you have overridden coderedcms/pages/base.html, you may need to update references to jquery-3.4.1 to jquery-3.5.1.

  • If using SASS, you may need to update your custom.scss and/or _variables.scss files accordingly to support Bootstrap 4.5. To see what you might need to change, see the files from our sass starter project. Or to continue using Bootstrap 4.3, download a copy of the Bootstrap 4.3 sources and change the references in your custom.scss to use these files.

  • It is assumed that all CodeRed CMS sites prior to 0.19 are using the built-in Wagtail Image model, as this was previously hard-coded in CodeRed CMS. If (and only if) you plan to switch to a custom image model, a custom data migration will be necessary. This migration would follow the same process as any other Wagtail installation; there is nothing unique relating to CodeRed CMS.

  • You may need to run python manage.py makemigrations website and python manage.py migrate after upgrading.

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to 0.19.0 on GitHub.