v0.22.0 release notes

New features

  • Upgraded to Wagtail 2.14

  • Can now order child pages by Classifiers, using the Classifier Term’s sort order, in addition to ordering by model attributes. Read details in Web Pages.

  • Background behind site’s logo shown in the Wagtail Admin now follows “Navbar color scheme” setting to improve appearance of dark logos.

  • Updated support for Google UA-, G-, and GTM- tracking scripts. See Add Tracking Scripts.

  • CoderedFormMixin has a new method send_mail() which can be overridden in your models to have the form send mail in a different way or using a different backend as needed.

Bug fixes

  • Cache is now cleared more reliably whenever pages or snippets are created, edited, published, unpublished, or deleted.

  • EventIndexPage now displays event times using the project TIME_ZONE, and other related improvements to event handling. See Event Pages.

  • CSS/JS files provided by CodeRed CMS are now cache-busted by version number. This should help resolve minor inconsistencies that arise between upgrades.


  • Updated calendar to fullcalendar.js 5.9. This removes several JavaScript dependencies and also works towards removal of jQuery.

Upgrade considerations

  • Wagtail 2.14 dropped Django 2.2 support. For most CodeRed CMS sites no changes are required.

Supported software

  • Python 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9

  • Django 3.0, 3.1, 3.2

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to 0.22.0 on GitHub.