Embed Media Block

The embed media block allows users to embed media like YouTube videos or SoundCloud with just a link to the external media source.

How it displays on the page.

Field Reference

Fields and purposes:

  • URL - The URL for the external media, whether it’s a tweet, Facebook post, YouTube video, etc.


Add an external media link like this YouTube video about a 48 deployment on the CodeRed Hosting platform: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzuqZnw4lQ4 .

  • Advanced Settings - Add custom CSS classes or a CSS ID to style the embed with your custom CSS

An embed media block with fields.

An embed media block with its fields.


You can use Bootstrap utility classes like w-50 on your embeds. The size of the video also changes depending on whether it’s in a full-width column or a half-column, etc.