Wagtail CRX (CodeRed Extensions)

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CRX, formerly known as CodeRed CMS, provides a large set of enhancements and pre-built components for Wagtail which are ready to use out-of-the box! This saves development time and avoids “re-inventing the wheel” by providing features commonly needed by websites:

  • Streamfield blocks and page templates for Bootstrap 5: rows, columns, hero units, carousels, buttons, modals, cards, and more!

  • Settings for adding logo, navigation, footer, and other common elements.

  • Rich set of SEO tagging attributes on each page.

  • Configurable Google Analytics and other tracking.

  • Robust form builder including the ability for multi-step forms, conditional logic, customized confirmation emails, MailChimp integration, and more.

  • Article pages for building blogs, news, etc.

  • Calendar and event pages.

  • Google Maps blocks, and store locator functionality.

  • Dynamic classifier system, for creating filterable categories.

  • Website search functionality, filterable by page type.

  • Style your site using SASS/SCSS directly from Django, without the need for Node.js

Wagtail CRX is “just” Wagtail

An important line of distinction is that Wagtail CRX is not a fork of Wagtail, or a competing version of Wagtail. It is simply a pip package which provides additional features on top of stock Wagtail you know and love.

CRX is to Wagtail, what Wagtail is to Django. A set of additional features for web developers to save time and turn out high-quality websites. CRX is not a drag-n-drop or no-code solution (although many of the features do not require coding).

Our motivation for making Wagtail CRX is to enable a developer to quickly build a Wagtail website by pulling in pre-built components which have been heavily tested and are guaranteed to work in a consistent way. This is why the project is tightly coupled with Bootstrap CSS. This is a boon for web development teams: rather than copy-pasting code from one project to the next, code is centralized in a generic way in CRX and can be reused by many sites. This also helps with maintenance and Wagtail upgrades — bugs and upgrades can generally be implemented once in CRX then pushed out to all sites.

Join us

Have questions or ideas? Join us in the #coderedcms channel on the Wagtail Slack.