Wagtail CRX Django Settings

Default settings are loaded from coderedcms/settings.py. Available settings for Wagtail CRX:


The directory where files from File Upload fields on Form Pages are saved. These files are served through Django using CODERED_PROTECTED_MEDIA_URL and require login to access. Defaults to protected/ in your project directory.


The URL for protected media files from form file uploads. Defaults to '/protected/'


The allowed filetypes for media upload in the form of a list of file type extensions. Default is blank. For example, to only allow documents and images, set to: ['.pdf', '.doc', '.docx', '.txt', '.rtf', '.jpg', '.jpeg', '.png', '.gif']


The disallowed filetypes for media upload in the form of a list of file type extensions. Defaults to ['.sh', '.exe', '.bat', '.ps1', '.app', '.jar', '.py', '.php', '.pl', '.rb']


Various frontend settings to specify defaults and choices used in the wagtail admin related to rendering blocks, pages, and templates. By default, all CODERED_FRONTEND_* settings are designed to work with Bootstrap 4 CSS framework, but these can be customized if using a different CSS framework or theme variant.


CODERED_FRONTEND_* settings are experimental and are known to cause issues with migrations. If you do need to use them:

  • DO NOT run makemigrations or makemigrations coderedcms

  • ONLY run migrations for specific apps, i.e. makemigrations website


If you define a value for this CODERED_BANNER, CodeRedCMS will show this text in a banner on both the front end and in the CMS of your site. This is useful for flagging non-production environments like staging. For example:

CODERED_BANNER = "Staging Environment. Production is over here: <a href='https://example.com'>Example link</a>."

You can include basic HTML code, such as a link, in the banner.


The banner defaults to a background color of red and a text color of white. If you want to customize this for a particular environment, you can; for example:

CODERED_BANNER_BACKGROUND = '#FFFFE0'       # light yellow background
CODERED_BANNER_TEXT_COLOR = '#000'          # black text color