class wagtailseo.blocks.MultiSelectBlock(*args, **kwargs)

Renders as MultipleChoiceField, used for adding checkboxes, radios, or multiselect inputs in the streamfield.


Returns a list of strings containing text content within this block to be used in a search engine.

class wagtailseo.blocks.OpenHoursBlock(*args, **kwargs)

Holds day and time combination for business open hours.

class wagtailseo.blocks.OpenHoursValue(block, *args)

Renders OpenHours in Structured Data format.

property struct_dict

Returns a dictionary in structured data format.

class wagtailseo.blocks.StructuredDataActionBlock(*args, **kwargs)

Action object from schema.org

class wagtailseo.blocks.StructuredDataActionValue(block, *args)

Renders Action in Structured Data format.