Customizing the Editor Interface

Wagtail SEO provides various editor panels for use in the Wagtail page editor.

The simplest way to enable them is to override the built-in promote tab on your page model:

class MyPage(SeoMixin, Page):

    promote_panels = SeoMixin.seo_panels

This is identical to combining all of the individual editor panels provided by Wagtail SEO. You may mix and match as necessary.

class MyPage(SeoMixin, Page):

    # Each is a list of panels.
    promote_panels = (
        seo_meta_panels +
        seo_menu_panels +

Going further, it is possible to totally override all of Wagtail’s tabs to define your own. For example, you could add the SEO panels in their own tab.

This is accomplished by overriding Wagtail’s get_edit_handler() method.

class MyPage(SeoMixin, Page):

    def get_edit_handler(cls):
        panels = [

            # Normal Wagtail panels.
            ObjectList(cls.content_panels, heading="Content"),
            ObjectList(cls.promote_panels, heading="Promote",),
            ObjectList(cls.settings_panels, heading="Settings", classname="settings"),

            # Add custom SEO panels in new tab.
            ObjectList(SeoMixin.seo_panels, heading="SEO", classname="seo"),
        return TabbedInterface(panels).bind_to(model=cls)