Django Settings


Boolean toggling whether or not to load the page caching machinery and enable cache settings in the wagtail admin. Defaults to True which is on. Most developers will want to set this to False in the development environment.


The name of the Django cache alias/backend to use for the page cache; one of the keys in the CACHES Django setting. Defaults to 'default' which is required by Django when using the cache. Complex projects would likely want to use a separate cache for the page cache to easily purge as needed without affecting other caches. Clearing the cache through the wagtail admin will purge this entire cache.


By default, an HTTP header named X-Wagtail-Cache is added to the response to indicate a cache hit or miss. To turn off this header, set WAGTAIL_CACHE_HEADER = False, or to customize the header set to a string. Note that other HTTP headers may also added by the Django cache middleware.