Embed Media Block

The embed media block allows users to embed media like YouTube videos or SoundCloud with just a link to the external media source.

Field Reference

Fields and purposes:

  • URL - The URL for the external media, whether it’s a tweet, Facebook post, YouTube video, etc.


Add an external media link like this YouTube video about making fancy cupcakes: https://youtu.be/eXkyUi5HKpM .

  • Advanced Settings - Add custom CSS classes or a CSS ID to style the embed with your custom CSS

An embed media block with fields.

An embed media block with its fields.

How it displays on the page.

How the embedded media would display on the published page.


You can use Bootstrap utility classes like w-50 on your embeds. The size of the video also changes depending on whether it’s in a full-width column or a half-column, etc.