1.1.0 release notes

New features

  • Show list of all URLs cached in the Wagtail Admin.

  • Support purging individual URLs (via regular expressions) from the cache. See Purge specific URLs.

  • Ignore tracking querystring parameters by default. This means that pages with unique tracking parameters will still be cached and/or served from the cache regardless of those parameters. This should massively improve performance on sites with heavy marketing activity, but can potentially introduce breakage if you have server-side logic that uses tracking codes via the querystring.

    The list of querystrings to ignore can be customized, or the feature can be completely disabled. See Django setting WAGTAIL_CACHE_IGNORE_QS.

Bug fixes

  • Previously, request with methods except GET and HEAD were never cached, even if you override the caching decision with is_request_cacheable hooks. These requests are still not cached by default, but can be cached if you override the caching decision. Please use caution when overriding caching decisions using these hooks.


  • Add support for Django 4.

  • Supports Wagtail 2 only.

  • New shiny documentation based on the Wagtail Sphinx theme.