CodeRed CMS 0.10.0 release notes

New features

  • NEW event & calendar pages! See Events.
  • NEW “Embed Media” block replacing the “Embed Video” block. Embed Media supports YouTube, Vimeo, Tweets, Facebook posts, GitHub gists, Spotify, Etsy, Tumblr, and dozens of other sources.
  • NEW tags on all CoderedPage pages. Tags provide a global and flexible way of organizing and categorizing content. More tagging features coming soon.
  • NEW color picker available in the wagtail admin. Use coderedcms.fields.ColorField on your models or coderedcms.widgets.ColorPickerWidget on Django form fields.
  • NEW official documentation! More user and how-to guides coming soon. Available at
  • Updated to Wagtail 2.3.
  • Added support for Django 2.1. Supports Django 1.11 through 2.1.
  • Added additional template blocks in coderedcms/pages/base.html for easier extending.

Bug fixes

  • Modals no longer require a footer.


  • Replace Wagtail version with CodeRed CMS version in admin.
  • Replace built-in cache with wagtail-cache.

Upgrade considerations

  • Some template blocks added to coderedcms/pages/web_page.html in 0.9 were removed and replaced with more general blocks in coderedcms/pages/base.html.
  • “Formatted Code” block (coderedcms.blocks.CodeBlock) was removed. If needed, use a 3rd party block instead such as wagtailcodeblock, or use the new “Embed Media” block with GitHub gists.
  • CODERED_CACHE_PAGES setting replaced with WAGTAIL_CACHE.
  • Existing projects must add wagtailcache to INSTALLED_APPS in project settings.
  • Existing projects must make and apply new migrations.