Developing your website

Page models

The django app website has been created with default models based on pre-built abstract CodeRed CMS models. You can use these as-is, override existing fields and function, and add custom fields to these models. After making a change to any of these models, be sure to run python makemigrations website and python migrate to apply the database changes.


Building on the concept of wagtail hooks, there are some additional hooks in CodeRed CMS


This hook is provided by wagtail-cache. The callable passed into this hook should take a request argument, and return a bool indicating whether or not the response to this request should be cached (served from the cache if it is already cached). Not returning, or returning anything other than a bool will not affect the caching decision. For example:

from wagtail.core import hooks

def nocache_in_query(request, curr_cache_decision):
    # if the querystring contains a "nocache" key, return False to forcibly not cache.
    # otherwise, do not return to let the CMS decide how to cache.
    if 'nocache' in request.GET:
        return False